Bioplasma Bodies – development regarding the Central Pranic and Kundalini Currents

Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents

“Astronomers state they have discovered a huge magnetic area that is coiled like a serpent around a rod-shaped gasoline cloud inside constellation Orion.”
– Ker versus, Space ‘Slinky’ Confirms concept with a-twist

The helical shape of the magnetic area all over gasoline cloud inside constellation Orion is believed become due to matter inside interstellar cloud transferring a straight line along the period of the filament. At these times, it triggers the magnetic area all over cloud to spiral around in a corkscrew design. The scientists could actually detect this spiral form using the Green Bank Telescope, a radio observatory in Virginia. Whenever helical magnetic fields form in plasma, recharged particles move along the area outlines creating helical currents.

Kundalini is a Sanskrit term definition either “coiled up” or “coiling like a snake”. It is based on the term kundala, therefore a “ring” or “coil”. Kundalini power has actually frequently already been depicted in old drawings as a serpent coiled all over back part of the root chakra in three and a half turns (comparable to a solenoid or a compressed helical existing) all over sacrum. The occurrence of “kundalini awakening” provides increase toward bio-energetic phenomena experienced by meditators. The intense energy sources are designed to result from an apparent reservoir of refined bio-energy at base of the spine.

The main vertical currents inside refined human anatomy (described as Ida, Pingala and Sushumna inside pilates literature) tend to be depicted inside metaphysical (especially the pilates) literature as a pair of mutually entangled helical currents with right currents driving through all of them. They come in a familiar construction which resembles the caduceus icon present medical literature.

Mutually entangled (dual spirals) currents are generally observed in space and laboratory plasmas. This shows there is a very good connection between plasma dynamics and formation regarding the main kundalini and pranic currents inside (supersymmetric) bioplasma human anatomy as described by plasma metaphysics. Helical structures could be present dirty (or complex) plasma. This short article describe the procedures through the view of plasma metaphysics as to how this construction forms in the bioplasma human anatomy, which can be consists of complex plasma. Based on plasma metaphysics, a series of (black) bioplasma systems tend to be combined to your carbon-based human anatomy. These bioplasma systems can exist by themselves regarding the carbon-based human anatomy (with the exception of the lower physical-etheric human anatomy which can be strongly combined toward carbon-based human anatomy).

Absorption and Self-Organization of Particles in the Bioplasma system

Kundalini and prana particles are believed super(symmetric) particles in plasma metaphysics. The light prana particles tend to be said to result from the Sun while hefty kundalini particles tend to be said to result from the (fiery) core regarding the Earth. Both of these kinds of particles form plasmas with different characteristics. Plasmas with different characteristics (in this situation different densities and conditions) has a tendency to self-organize into “cells” with double-layers around by themselves. Thus, as kundalini and prana particles tend to be soaked up into the bioplasma systems (via the plasma vortexes or chakra -activation-system-review/’ target=’_blank’> chakra s ) they self-organize into swimming pools (or reservoirs) of kundalini and prana particles.

In Chinese Qigong scientific studies, qi is said to build up in specific areas – defined as “qi vessels” (additionally occasionally called “qi reservoirs”). You will find eight of these qi vessels; four of the most important vessels lie in the torso – including two at lower abdominal area. These vessels become the capacitors in electric circuits which store electric cost, in accordance with Dr Yang Jwing-Ming – an expert on Qigong. From perspective of plasma metaphysics, these vessels tend to be plasma cells containing different sorts of plasma with dual layers around all of them which become capacitors.

Plasma metaphysics observes your center regarding the bioplasma human anatomy (coinciding notably utilizing the lower stomach regarding the biomolecular human anatomy) includes a pool regarding the highest density charged magnetic plasma consists of hefty particles (this plasma may be defined as kundalini-type particles and ‘Earth qi’). In Chinese Qigong this area, just underneath the waist line, is often known as the “cauldron”. It is divided from a pool of lower density magnetic plasma of an opposite cost (or polarity) nearby the mind consists of light particles (this plasma may be identified loosely with ‘prana-like’ particles and ‘Heaven qi’). An electric powered area develops inside bioplasma human anatomy because of the separation (or polarization) regarding the plasma and dual layers form. (The thermal potential plays a role in this polarization.) V N Tsytovich and his peers demonstrated, making use of a pc type of molecular dynamics, that particles in a plasma can undergo self-organization as electric charges come to be divided and plasma becomes polarized.

Formation of Double Layers

a double layer is a construction in plasma that comes with two synchronous electrostatic layers with contrary electric cost. The two sheets of cost result a very good electric area and a correspondingly abrupt improvement in voltage (or electric potential) over the dual layer. Various types of instabilities might occur with dual layers inside laboratory plus space, frequently arising because of the formation of beams of ions and electrons.

Producing a double layer requires areas with an important overabundance positive or bad cost, that is, where the quasi-neutrality regarding the plasma is broken. MHD (i.e. Magneto-hydrodynamics) concept cannot through the possibility of synchronous electric fields while observations of accelerated particles suggest their existence. Generally speaking, quasi-neutrality can just only be broken on scales regarding the purchase regarding the Debye size. The width of a double layer is regarding the purchase of ten Debye lengths, which can be some centimeters inside ionosphere, some tens of meters inside interplanetary medium, and tens of kilometers inside intergalactic medium. We might for that reason expect you’ll see just slim dual layers within bioplasma systems.

Formation of directly and Helical Pranic Currents in the Bioplasma system

As a consequence of the forming of an electrical area or potential, in the bioplasma human anatomy, a straight (or axial) existing carrying the lighter charged particles develop initially. This existing generates magnetic fields around itself. Predicated on basic electromagnetics we know why these magnetic fields are in the shape of circular loops all over right existing. These are frequently described as circular ‘azimuthal’ magnetic fields around right ‘axial’ currents.

For plasmas immersed in strong magnetic fields, electric currents usually flow along the magnetic area outlines, which become cables leading the present. Charged particles going into the ovoid for that reason after that flow all over azimuthal magnetic area which approximates a tightly wound (i.e. where the turns tend to be near both) solenoid. This leads to a dipole magnetic area to make, lined up utilizing the axial existing and extending outwards at north and south poles. Across the main currents, the magnetic area outlines tend to be reasonably right and consistent.

The use of an axial magnetic area regarding azimuthal magnetic area creates magnetic shear and transforms the azimuthal magnetic area into a helical one. As electric charges stream along the helical area outlines, a helical existing develops. This example, in which a helical existing follows a helical magnetic area, is called a “force-free” setup. The field-aligned existing is called a Birkeland existing. The density regarding the Lorentz power j × B generated by Birkeland currents is zero. Even though magnetic area is not inside most affordable power condition possible (the machine condition), it is in a nearby minimum power condition therefore represents a reliable balance.

Formation of directly and Helical Kundalini Currents in the Bioplasma system

The kundalini existing cannot develop because quickly whilst the pranic existing as kundalini comes with weightier, much more massive, particles that are more challenging to accelerate. (The “three and a half turns” at base of the spine, frequently cited inside pilates literature, shows a retarded growth of the present.) Thus, it is only once the electric area is increased that adequate potential is generated to move these particles. The electric potential may be amplified through particular meditative methods. Once the potential reaches a particular limit, an axial present will occur accompanied by a helical present that’ll develop in an activity similar to the growth of the pranic currents. Once the kundalini existing develops through the base of the spine it is directed by the helical magnetic area outlines and would-be seen become slowly rising by twining all over existing axial present in a spiral. Metaphysicist G S Arundale informs us that “kundala represents a coil, spiral or band, which conveys the way the inner fire unfolds”. To put it differently, it describes the spiral or helical course that kundalini particles take as they increase through the base of the spine and twirl all over axial existing, directed by the helical magnetic area generated by the axial existing. Based on experimental metaphysicist Charles Leadbeater, this course through which (kundalini) need to move is spiral. This field-aligned existing of kundalini particles is a Birkeland existing.

Plasma Dynamics between Pranic and Kundalini Currents

The potential fall over the dual layer will accelerate the recharged prana and kundalini particles in contrary directions. (Barbara Brennan has actually observed a vertical flow of power that pulsates down and up the center of your body. She calls it “the vertical energy existing”.) The magnitude regarding the potential fall determines the speed regarding the recharged particles. In strong dual layers, this will lead to beams or jets of recharged particles. In the long run, the electric area builds up until the fluxes of particles in a choice of path tend to be equal, and further charge build-up inside two plasmas would-be avoided if system was isolated. But because of fresh intakes of prana and kundalini particles (via the plasma vortexes or chakra -activation-system-review/’ target=’_blank’> chakras ) the process goes on in the (lifestyle) bioplasma human anatomy. (Meditative methods occasionally push the kundalini particles back in the contrary path to the path regarding the share of kundalini particles which in turn causes disequilibrium. The opposite course is much more hard due to the fact kundalini existing are repelled by the share of kundalini particles, with the same cost, at base of the spine.)

The kundalini axial and helical currents collectively comprise the kundalini composite existing. The pranic axial and helical currents collectively comprise the pranic composite existing. The kundalini composite present is contrary in polarity toward pranic composite existing. This will lead to a configuration that might be comparable to a configuration in which both composite currents were carrying particles of the identical polarity in the same path. Based on Biot-Savart law, the composite currents would for that reason exert a magnetic power attracting both so the two axial currents come closer collectively. They are going to entice both even at close distances for their different polarities – unlike the problem in which currents of the identical polarity tend to be flowing in the same path. Within the latter case, the currents attract when additional apart (due to the magnetic power) but repel both at close distances (because of the electric cost). The helical aspects of the composite currents, becoming interested in both, after that twine all over axial currents like two snakes covered around a tree trunk (the “trunk” becoming represented by the axial currents which form a flux pipe).


Once the helical currents transportation charged particles in plasma, they will certainly glow like brilliant twisted snake-like fluorescent lamps twined around a bright axial flux pipe. Leadbeater says that kundalini is “luminous as lightning”. Whenever kundalini or prana particles tend to be accelerated during meditative methods, (super) electromagnetic waves tend to be radiated and heat is generated. The identification of a signature feature in magnetic plasma (i.e. the helical pinch) in models of the refined systems inside metaphysical literature establishes additional that refined systems have been consists of magnetic plasma – much more especially, a magnetic plasma of high energy particles, including the predicted super(symmetric) particles.

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Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents
Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents
Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents
Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents
Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents

Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents

Bioplasma Bodies - Development Regarding The Central Pranic And Kundalini Currents

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