Mitral Valve Prolapse – Healing can be done – an incident Study

Helen, (not the woman real title) a tall, appealing seventy-year-old lady, who had been a V.P. in her company, had a history of being in relationships with passive-aggressive men, which left the woman disappointed and not sure of herself. This can be my fifth long-term relationship, she lamented and I also are acknowledging after annually of dating, he could be passive-aggressive exactly like my previous relationships. I reassured Helen, this woman isn’t the actual only real lady whom attracted passive-aggressive men. Hence, the woman work started.

It’s my custom to simply take a health background as well as a psychological history–Helen reported she took medicine for a Mitral Valve Prolapse and anxiety.

The Mitral Valve is located amongst the upper left chamber and reduced left chamber associated with the heart. The mitral device consists of two flaps of muscle that opens and closes in a rhythmic solution to allow blood to flow in one direction–from the atrium (upper chamber) to the ventricle (reduced chamber). The left ventricle is in charge of a lot of the heart’s pumping and propels oxygen-rich blood into the arteries. The arteries then carry the blood for the human anatomy. Whenever mitral device does not open and close correctly, the flaps may “billow” backwards somewhat into the upper chamber during the heart’s contraction. This can be known as mitral device prolapse (MVP). Because of MVP, a clicking sound can frequently be heard whenever listening to the heart seems with a stethoscope. In MVP, often lower amounts of blood may drip backwards into the upper chamber associated with the heart because device will not close correctly. This leads to a “heart murmur,” even though the heart is working correctly. One’s heart has actually a sufficient blood circulation, despite the MVP. Prolapsing mitral valves usually do not generally become worse with time.

I wasn’t amazed at either condition–given this lady relationship together household and subsequent relationships with men. Every time Helen left a relationship she destroyed a bit of herself and became much more disillusioned and self-deprecating about the woman power to create a healthy and balanced relationship.

Traditional Western medication (TWM) advises treatment plan for Mitral Valve Prolapse to include:

Diet: Nutritionally complete, sensible. Eliminate caffeinated drinks and chocolate. Caffeine will stimulate the autonomic nervous system and intensify symptoms. Prevent sugar. A surge in blood sugar levels stimulates the autonomic nervous system and makes symptoms worse. A mid-afternoon high-protein snack is imperative. It is recommended to keep ones weight within the range for level and body structure–fad and crash diets should be averted.

Fluids: Adequate liquid intake is essential. Numerous symptoms eg faintness, weakness, light-headedness, etc. are caused by reasonable hypertension and reasonable blood volume that can be aided through consuming adequate amounts of liquid. A minimum of 64 ounces of liquid or non-caffeinated beverages daily tend to be suggested.

Workout: regular physical exercise is important to boost physical fitness and reduce MVP symptoms. Workout should really be aerobic, eg walking, operating, cycling, swimming, etc., and should be discussed in advance with a physician.

Treatments: Treatments are necessary to improve symptoms of MVP.

With the exception of medicine the procedure for Mitral Valve Prolapse is suggested proper to keep a healthy body. But is interested that TWM states that medication are necessary to ‘improve’ symptoms of MVP. One marvels the reason why you might be satisfied with ‘improvement’ whenever healing can be done? Regrettably, many people don’t know healing can be done, because medical and pharmaceutical therapy will not heal anything. But since TWM and pharmaceutical treatment solutions are the acknowledged wellness model everybody else trusts this paradigm without examining other choices.

Making use of Holistic Healing (HH) we know all real dysfunctions is the unconscious head’s solution to express an email to the mindful head. So what does the unconscious head want you to know about a particular human anatomy component?

One’s heart and Heart Chakra is the center from which emotions of love emanate. It’s also involving other virtuous thoughts, eg pleasure, happiness, sincerity, value, compassion, comprehension, and generosity, along with loving oneself in a sincere, non-egotistic means. Alternatively, the heart usually holds sadness, fury and despair from many disappointments, betrayal, neglect, etc. we encounter in life. Hence, blocking the love, pleasure, happiness, sincerity, value, compassion, comprehension, generosity, and self-love that inherently intended to flow from ones heart.

Helen accepted the idea of holistic healing and ended up being eager to head to work. But she ended up being happily amazed when I informed her, the Mitral Valve Prolapse might be healed making sure that she could stop taking the medication for the MVP and depression.

While there have been other issues Helen focused on, for the true purpose of this article, i shall concentrate only on her process of healing the woman heart.

Helen readily reached a deep degree of relaxation and I also instructed this lady unconscious head to spotlight the woman heart. As she focused on the woman heart, I asked this lady to explain exactly what the Mitral Valve Prolapse appeared to be.

H: “I see a dark room.”

N: “How big is the dark space–is it how big a pea, walnut or something like that else?”

H: “It is the size of a walnut.” “I am experiencing plenty of heaviness and pain.” She applied the woman upper left upper body area.

N: “Describe the pain–is it sharp, lifeless, stabbing, or something like that else?”

H: “It is like a deep heavy lifeless pain.”

Tears started to trickle from under Helen’s shut eyes.

N: “Take a deep breath–and strike it out.” “my goal is to count from one to three so when I state three you will end up in a period and put when your heart absorbed your hurt, sadness, despair, fury or dissatisfaction to help you cope.”

Helen recounted a number of situations whenever she believed ignored and let down, because the woman mom ended up being frequently away from home due to the woman incapacity to manage adult life. The woman parent, although present appeared preoccupied and did not discuss the woman mom’s lack. Helen ended up being on her own to process the unanswered questions. Without any previous experience or resources to sort out the feeling she forced the woman emotions out from the mindful head. Considering the fact that emotions have power that power needs to be either dissipated or placed somewhere. Helen put the woman emotions in her heart while they had been heart related. Hence, the woman heart ended up being overburdened. whenever any human anatomy component is overburdened, it is going to breakdown.

Once the sessions proceeded, Helen refined most of the situations of neglect, dissatisfaction, worry, fury, sadness, shame and shame. The woman comprehension, compassion and love for herself came to the woman mindful head since the handling evolved.

After a number of sessions Helen reported the dark room because of the deep heavy lifeless pain ended up being gone–it showed it self green with a warm radiance. She reported the woman physique believed less heavy, and freer than she could ever before keep in mind.

I suggested this lady to engage the advise of a Naturopath to slowly lessen the level of medicines she took for MVP and depression until she ended up being medication free.

In three months, Helen ended up being medicine free, she had resources to manage life’s trip along with comprehension, love, pleasure, happiness, value, compassion, self-love, generosity and love in her heart, she went on the woman solution to produce the relationship she understands she deserves.

Supply by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

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