Phosphosiderite – an uncommon Gemstone – Its Characteristics and Properties

Phosphosiderite is a remarkable gemstone as it is made from a combination of metal and phosphorus. The stone looks comparable to Sugilite. Title “Phosphosiderite” is derived from its fundamental elements phosphorus and metal. The phrase metal but is borrowed from Greek language, which is “Sideros”, thus creating “phosphor-siderite”. Besides Phosphosiderite, the stone can also be popularly generally “Piedrea voga” therefore red stone or “La Roca Voca” indicating red rock in many countries.

Color Modifications

This gemstone is acquireable in light purple orchid like color. Yellowish color lines are obvious within stone. The vein like lines within the stone is called cacoxenite. Other shades of the stone that are uncommon and precious tend to be rose-red, brownish-reddish yellowish, moss-green, deeper hues of purple together with most astounding is colorless Phosphosiderite. The stone features an all natural resinous or vitreous luster to it offering the crystals slight quantity of sheen.


Phosphosiderite is an uncommon treasure and is found especially in Argentina and Chile. Besides these countries, the gemstones in reddish-brown color are found attached to jet-black color barbosalite. These kinds of color rocks are observed in Southern Dakota, United States Of America, Bull Moose my own and Custer County. Phosphosiderite which can be found in hues of purple is primarily found attached to bluish purple botryoidal, dark violet tinsleyite botryoidal or a large rockbridgeite.

Rocks that are present in botryoidal kind tend to be apt in making Phosphosiderite cabochons. Geologically the stone is meant to-be a variation result of the mineral triphyilte this is certainly present in multifarious granite pegmatite. An investigation suggests that Phosphosiderite is also due to abstract components that are present in the earth.


This stone is good for jewellery generating. It weighs in at about 3.5 to 4 in the Mohs scale of hardness. Although it is good for jewellery generating, this has to-be treated with paraffin and polished with some other products to give you it better security and shine. The stone features about 2/m prism and its particular diaphaneity is mainly translucent. Some Phosphosiderite rocks could have opaque diaphaneity. Its procured in large volumes of massive stones and toned straight down for commercial usage.

Most Phosphosiderite rocks display unusual cracks and distinct cleavage. The crystalline formation of the stone is tabular in kind or occasionally can also be present in reniform level alongside gristly formation. The stone beads can be found in circular, oval and elongated oval shapes in the market.


Although metaphysical properties of Phosphosiderite tend to be lesser known the crystals within the stone tend to be thought to possess particular healing properties. The shades of purple are meant to help with decreasing fury. It also helps in soothing down the heightened temperament of one and results in a feeling of calm and peacefulness. Some recommend Phosphosiderite features spiritual properties. Its thought to help heal dilemmas regarding the third attention chakra (Energy this is certainly kept between our brows that link to spirituality). The next attention chakra is meant to-be involving understanding and perception.

Hence Phosphosiderite is an uncommon and beautiful gemstone and besides its beauty the stone additionally possesses interesting properties.

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