Reiki Dos and Don’ts

In the event that you practise Reiki long enough you are bound to bump into a bunch of huge don’ts.

Never Reiki individuals with jewellery on.

Never Reiki the top of this head.

Never Reiki women that tend to be expecting.

Never Reiki the back an such like.

They generally get more silly, like ‘do not Reiki any person if you’re putting on red’.

Since ridiculous as some of these don’ts sounds, they are usually backed up in just enough rational explanation to make you wonder.

Red, for-instance, may be the colour of the basis chakra and – based on some – giving it Reiki might unintentionally obtain the Kundalini energy (lying in the foot of the back) to go up up whenever an individual isn’t prepared for it.

Since this, genuinely, trigger individuals problems if their body is not energetically prepared, you then start to wonder perhaps the principle – in spite of how crazy it appears – might possibly not have some credibility.

Thankfully, virtually every cannot in Reiki is obviously short-circuited by a simple point: it is the person which determines just how much energy moves – and not the giver.

Think about the person like somebody drawing on an ‘energetic straw’. Should they suck difficult, some energy will flow. Should they suck gently, little will flow.

It is all around them and the only thing a Reiki healer may do is give you the window of opportunity for energy to flow. Plus the better the healer, the greater the chance of an increased energy flow.

This implies that there’s a safety-valve included in the device, because someone will only ever before take in just as much energy as it is healthy for her or him. Taking in even more would-be like pushing a dagger into your skin – not at all something it’s likely you’ll do.

If you are talking-to somebody who cannot accept this type of logic, you might like to encourage them to define ‘Reiki’. Should they know anything in regards to the beginning of this term they will inform you that the many literal interpretation (which makes sense) is ‘spiritual’ (Rei) ‘energy’ (ki). Does it make much sense with this ‘spiritual energy’ is a destructive power?

I believe not.

So the next occasion you are nervous about giving somebody Reiki, remember that it could never ever harm them.

It might never be the proper time and energy to provide them with energy. It might never be the proper time and energy to provide them with energy. However, if an accidental Reiki drop fell their particular way, i mightn’t lose any sleep.

If a drop fell, they summoned it.

(Note: While Reiki cannot hurt any person, it could certainly produce a ‘healing crisis’. This will bring about mental upheaval, real stress and other things; but eventually it’s good for the individual. Think about it as something like the cleaning procedure which takes location an individual goes through a fast. They might get problems, pimples, rashes and all sorts of types of various other unpleasant things; but after the cleaning is performed they feel better than previously. Also with Reiki.)

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