The Aura in addition to Aurora

The Aura In Addition To Aurora

The Auras of Galaxies

Science observes that galaxies tend to be surrounded by huge halos of dark matter. Curiously the same observation was produced by a Hindu mystic, half a hundred years ago. He too saw halos around galaxies – nevertheless they had been certainly not dark or invisible. He claims:

“The divine dispersion of rays poured from an eternal Origin, blazing into galaxies, transfigured with ineffable auras.” – Paramahansa Yogananda, 1946

The expression “aura” is often found in metaphysics to indicate a colored radiation emanating from an item. Spherical halos around saints, as depicted in certain paintings, are thought auras all over head area. Just what had been invisible halos to researchers made an appearance as a colorful aura all over galaxies to the saint, while he noticed them half a hundred years ago. Was he seeing what our scientific tools couldn’t see – the dark matter alternatives among these galaxies? Paramahansa Yogananda also noticed in 1946 your “astral luminaries resemble the aurora borealis”. According to plasma metaphysics, it is possible to note that the aura is produced in the same process while the aurora.

The Aurora

Kristian Birkeland put forward the auroral theory that will be now extensively acknowledged by researchers. Relating to him, electrically charged particles ejected from sunspots tend to be captured by world’s magnetized industry and directed over the industry’s outlines in to the polar areas. The charged particles follow spiral or helical songs towards outlines of power. The incoming particles excite the atoms and molecules in the air and ionize them – stripping them within their non-neutral constituents. This results in the colorful displays being associated with auroras.

Birkeland used an easy unit to show his theory – he put a world containing an electromagnet inside a sizable vacuum cleaner chamber, which represented the space all over world and its magnetized industry. Then he shot clouds of electrons toward this simulated world to produce a light trend that looked like the aurora. This setup is precisely just like in a subtle human body, as explained below.

Structure of this Subtle Body

Relating to plasma metaphysics, the refined human body is a human body of magnetized plasma (or “magma”). It sits inside an ovoid which has a plasma “auric” sheath around it (equal to the world in the Birkeland unit) and possesses a magnetized main channel (equal to the electromagnet in the Birkeland unit).

Exactly how is the Aura produced?

The aura which radiated by a simple human body is produced by an operation not unlike the one which produces the aurora borealis. Discover a tendency for charged particles to check out magnetized outlines of power. The energetic charged awesome particles (recognized as “qi”, “prana” or “kundalini” particles) rush to the various nodes of this chakra s (that have intense magnetized fields) at high rates. They spiral around helical paths just before these are typically absorbed by the chakra -activation-system-review/’ target=’_blank’> chakra s near the head and legs (the “poles”) alongside chakra -activation-system-review/’ target=’_blank’> chakras all over human body. While doing so, they generate a light trend in the refined systems – just like that the aurora borealis.

Whoever compares the Kirlian images (or representations) of real human auras (or who can really see them) using aurora borealis will no doubt find a good similarity. But while the aurora is an all-natural plasma light tv show comprising standard particles (i.e. particles described in the physicists’ “Standard Model”) – the aura is an all-natural plasma light tv show of awesome (i.e. supersymmetric) particles!


The electromagnetic processes giving increase towards the aurora borealis are identical as those that produce the real human aura. If this is acknowledged, it also verifies that refined systems are comprised of a magnetic plasma of awesome particles – that will be currently classified under dark matter.

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The Aura In Addition To Aurora
The Aura In Addition To Aurora
The Aura In Addition To Aurora
The Aura In Addition To Aurora
The Aura In Addition To Aurora

The Aura In Addition To Aurora

The Aura In Addition To Aurora

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