The Qigong Breathing Method of Energy Movement.

This might be one straightforward Qigong strategy originated by a Chinese doctor Li Guang Po in Asia. Using this method, you’re able to get the level of small circulation in about per month. There are various other even more fancy practices and people exercising them usually become failing continually to start their particular small circulation and enjoy the advantage of exemplary wellness. I picked up this technique quite accidentally. A book published by the author in Chinese was given for me by my nation’s senior diplomat in Peking and I was designed to interprete and explain it to my boss in 1994. Alternatively, I began discovering and mastering it. And, my exceptional, an army General, became my pupil. Again, it will be the unseen hand of my religious guides which may have engineered the opportunity in my situation to pick up a good approach to meditation.

The small circulation/Micro-cosmic Orbit is the setting up of this acupuncture things across the Governing (Tu) Vessel and Conception (Ren) Vessel – the back and front meridians of your human body, along our front side and back spine – and providing an obstructed action of Qi – inner power.

The significant acupuncture things are the Bahui (Crown Chakra), Yingtang (Brow Chakra), Shangzhong (Heart Chakra), lower Dan Tien/Qihai (Sacral Chakra), Weilu (Base Chakra), JiaJi (approximately back of heart chakra ), Yu Zhen or Jade Pillow (back of your throat approximately where in fact the throat and head matches).

The strategy makes use of the principle of gravity – when energy sources are completely deposited in one acupuncture point, it becomes overflow and moves downwards to fill the lower acupuncture point. The most challenging component occurs when the energy hits the base – the Weilu or nearby the Base Chakra – this has to move up across the back of your back and achieve the top and resettle on point of this path where in fact the tongue details. the palate.

Might principle for this Qigong strategy is breathing. You consider your breathing in and out, an exercise you could do anyway at any position. There is no need to sit in lotus position, close your eyes unless you are finished into another standard of Qigong meditation, for which you will have to meditate on lower Dan Tien. To get ready to achieve this exercise, you’ll want to make sure to breathe using your nose, and have the tongue curled up holding your palate.

BREATHING away IS VERY IMPORTANT. As you breathe out, make an effort to feel an energy rushing into the human body using your nose inversely. Include some power inside breathing out, but not also explosive or else you’d feel giddy. For start, you need to have the power causing a tightening feeling inside throat each time you breathe out. Do a couple of 12 breathing out exercise (remembering to carefully breathing in to refill your lung), during a session. The Chinese believe local plumber to meditate is the 12 noon and 12 midnight, but it is not a hard and fast rule.

Next, whenever your throat is full of Qi, it might go downwards to your heart chakra as the breathe away. If the heart chakra is filled with power, it will go downwards to your belly. As you lead-in even more Qi, you need to feel a warm inside belly. As the Qi is increase inside belly, you’d have a bigger desire for food for food. You would fart more often however the fart just isn’t smelly.

Following the belly is filled with power, the Qi would go down to a beneficial acupuncture point – The Dan Tien (Sacral chakra ), two hands downward from your naval and about 50 % an inch inward. Your whole rigmarole would duplicate it self filling up your Dan Tien with power. It’s at this point you needs to do some appropriate meditation, besides the breathing exercises, by focusing your might or interest on Dan Tien to combine the Qi truth be told there. The Dan Tien, or correctly called, Qihai is a beneficial acupuncture part of Chinese Qigong training; it will be the all-important storage and distribution center of Qi in the torso.

Following the Dan Tien, the Qi move downwards and sleep on Weilu acupuncture point (Base chakra). Here is the beginning of the hardest an element of the exercise.

If the Weilu near Base Chakra is filled with power, the Qi is supposed to move up across the back – the clearing of Three Gates/Obstacles (San Guan) The first obstacle is the action up through coccyx. (Weilu) nearby the Base Chakra. There are two main crucial bridges of link – first the tongue on palate, the Heaven Bridge and 2nd lower link, our planet Bridge. I instruct a method not discussed because of the author of the book, this is certainly using the contraction of this anus to push up the Qi. One other strategy is for us to make use of my Qi to simply help push it up for my students. Therefore, with perseverance, you breathe out and will the Qi to begin with it self upsurge journey.

During this vital stage of moving up the energy, the legs must certanly be entered. The reason is that a newcomer meditator wouldn’t normally have enough experience or understanding in managing the Qi along with his might. This might cause the Qi going downwards toward legs and trigger cavities of Qi to be formed truth be told there. Therefore by meditating on sitting position, obtaining the legs crossed, it might prevent the Qi from being deposited into the foot.

Another obstacle is the JiaJi Šacupuncture point across the back spine (somewhere opposite the center chakra/†­). You continue to breathe off to go the Qi and perform some meditations exercise by centering on the lower Dan Tien.

After clearing the JiaJi, the energy moves up until it hits the next Obstacle, the Jade Pillow (Yuzhen/) Acupuncture point. At this stage, you’d feel some discomfort behind the head as the Qi attempts to break through. Again, perseverance takes care of, and you should have the ability to clear this final hurdle just before execute the energy cycle joining leading and back meridians. Once it clears this aspect, the Qi would progress to your top and rest truth be told there. You should encounter a feeling of enlightenment when that takes place. Upcoming, its much easier for Qi to move downwards to clear your brow chakra before resting on point where your tongue details the palate.

Therefore, you’ve got finished the small circulation, the desire every Qigong professional. Today, also without having the aid of breathing out you are able to go power during your human body. Your general wellness should improve and it’s also today easier for you to improve your religious development. You can easily continue to keep the cycle open by using your might to circulate the Qi from back to front and from front side to back.

That will help you clear the difficult acupuncture things, you can use stones – I favour raw garnet. Orange calcite is great while you are practising on your own Dan Tian. I am able to help students to speed up the orifice of this small or micro circulation by churning the action of qi inside their human body.

a word of care: this process shouldn’t be practiced by feamales in maternity and the ones with history of high blood pressure should seek treatment to lessen their particular hypertension before attempting it. On the longer run, appropriate training for this strategy shall relieve the hypertension issue.

Source by Anthony Leong

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