Tips clean and Consecrate your Oracle Cards for correct Psychic Readings

Energetically cleansing your Oracle cards is actually crucial prior to starting to use them. Even if you have actually cleansed them completely, it however can take a bit before they have been truly “YOUR” cards. Follow these actions to clean and consecrate your cards!

When you initially get the new deck of Oracle cards, if you’re with some pals, ask each of them to shuffle and cut the deck before you decide to bring them home. This can help the deck be much more familiar with your time via friends.

When you are getting your deck home, shuffle them once or twice before beginning. This can help to shake-up any residual energy hanging onto the cards. If you want, reduce a circle and get in touch with the current weather, though that isn’t purely required. Ground yourself and have your character guides for support. You can then do some of the after:

  • Hold the deck inside arms. Have the energy associated with the planet together with Divine energy from above connect inside your heart chakra . Visualize a white, cleansing light emitting from your heart chakra in to the deck.
  • Light a white candle and pass the deck across fire.
  • Light incense and pass the deck through smoke.
  • Whether or not it’s a full moon, put the deck outside so that it can absorb the moon’s energy forever.
  • Smudge your deck with a sage, cedar, or nice grass smudge stick.
  • Ask your angels and character guides to bless and energetically clean your cards.
  • Surround the deck with crystals and leave them for a number of hours.

Once they’ve been cleansed, it is the right time to consecrate them. Once more, floor and have your guides for support. Keep these things consecrate the cards for their highest great.

You should also energetically clean your deck of stray energies on a periodic basis. About once a month, we’ll just take each card and put them all into purchase. My oracle card decks all have actually an associated quantity, and so I simply purchase them numerically. However’ll clean them with a healing white light from my heart chakra .

Once the deck was completely cleansed, it’s ready to work with. Remember that it however can take time when it comes to deck to soak up your time to provide you with precise readings. If you should be mostly reading on your own, the cards will adjust in short order.

Remember to think obviously of one’s question by using the oracle cards. I just had a friend who was simply going right through some issues. Although I asked my cards a question about me, the reading was obviously about her! I shared the reading together, however performed another reading in my situation from a different deck.

It really is so important which will make your deck of oracle cards your own. Follow these actions to clean them of other’s energy and infuse your deck with your own personal unique energies!

Source by Lisbeth Alexander

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