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Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Revealed! The 10 simple moves that will bring Vitality back into your life so that you can be strong, active, & energetic for yourself and loved ones.

Thursday July 28, 2016Training HardYou train hard, you eat well…it should be enough to keep you in good health and physically and emotionally strong.Yet, there is a danger lurking in our bodies that’s not only hidden from us… but which even doctors are failing to identify.It affects nearly everybody, no matter how active or sedentary you are, or how old or young you are.This problem affects not only our body but our whole well-being.

And when I tell you what it is, you’ll be shocked…

Hip Flexor Muscles… because it’s tight hip flexors.

You see, our hip flexors are the engine through which our body moves. They control balance, our ability to sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, walk and step.

Everything goes through the hips.

And when our hip flexors tighten it causes a lot of problems in ordinarily healthy and active people, like us.



Unlock Your Hip Flexors


“Unlock Your Hip Flexors”

Unlock Your Hip Flexors gives you a practical, easy-to-follow
program you can use today for instantly releasing your hip flexorsfor more strength, better health and all day energy.

Working with Rick, we’ve created a great program that is quite simply Done-For-You.


What Others Are Saying About
Unlock Your Hip Flexors

Get The Edge Over the Competition

“If you are an athlete that relies on explosiveness in your sport than you must be aware of the #1 road block in your performance… tight hip flexors.

It’s the hidden killer of success. Athletes that sit all day for their day job are causing terrible alignment in their hips… which wreaks havoc on other areas of their body. Improving the mobility in your hips will give you the extra edge over the competition and improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

Allows Me To Workout Hard Without Pain

“I came across Rick Kaselj a few years back when I was looking for something to help with my painful piriformis syndrome pain which I had been suffering with for over a year. I watch one of his YouTube videos and the advice he gave in the video helped get rid of my piriformis and hip pain. Ever since then I have been following Rick on a daily basis with YouTube videos, blog posts and articles.

Don’t Have a Personal Trainer? No Problem!

“I’m not a fitness professional, just a 62 year old guy who came across your website looking for help with

several physical issues I have been experiencing.

As a former college basketball player I found it discouraging that no one could seem to help me with my lower back problems and more recently my Glutes and Hip flexors. That was until I found your site and ordered your exercise program which has dramatically improved each one of my conditions!”


Bonus 1
Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings

“The Key To A Healthy Back And Perfect Posture”

Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings Bonus 

Bonus 2
The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet
“Automatically Heal Your Body with The Right Foods”

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet Bonus

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Will Help You With…








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